Leading Edge 64 was born in 2005

Unlike most companies, we're independent.

That means that we can match your needs to a solution that suits you perfectly - cutting out the confusion with expert, impartial advice.

We're poised to meet the demanding requirements of modern business, providing solutions to entrepreneurs and companies.

Our staff has a keen knowledge and is ready with advice, service and savvy know-how to assist you with whatever you need - quickly, easily and efficiently.

We offer know-how, information, service and top-quality products. And we can give you access to the full spectrum of services and technology.

Leading Edge 64, offers a number of services ranging from small IT requirements to Technical Support, website design, web hosting, magazine & newspaper advertisement design, professional corporate identitification, printing, brochure & catalogues, posters, banners, business cards, large format printing, photo printing, canvas printing.

It is important for us to emphasise that our focus is on the use of Internet related technology, to provide tailor made business productivity solutions to our clients. We exercise flexibility and do not dictate nor advocate a “one size fits all” approach. Clearly, it is only through a close understanding of both business and technical requirements that we are enabled to offer the most effective solutions for our client's organisation.

The most important service offered by Leading Edge 64 is our customer service. Leading Edge 64 guarantees outstanding service at all times coupled with friendly staff and innovative ideas, making us a necessity in any organisation, we are the company to help you with any need that may arise.

Leading Edge 64 is focused on creating database driven web sites where the client can update their own information as needed. This eliminates the costs incurred of having the website administrator being your website developer. The administrator will be a chosen individual at your establishment and they will be able to update the website as and when this is required. This solution will save your company time and money.

The STRONGEST and MOST VALUBALE product Leading Edge 64 offers its clients is our WORD. What we say we do WE DO when we say it’s done IT?S DONE